No one tells you the raw truth when you join campus.

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No one tells you the raw truth when you join campus. What they feed you during orientation is rehearsed and rehashed. No one tells you that:

There will always be better people

You see that guy you meet when you are fresh on campus and your smartphone has no scratch? Well, he is not the one.

No matter how many assignments he does for you and how many parties he takes you to, you will soon realise that you can do better but not before he messes up and you discover you are girlfriend number six.

The girls will crush you, preferring grandfathers over you. Do not lose sleep over this. Later, you will get someone that will make you wonder why you ever wasted your time and energy.

Strive to be street-smart

By the second semester, you will realise that every exam can be predicted if you are keen enough. You will soon learn that Cats are easier than you imagined, and that there is always room for redemption.

Your first push to learn street smarts will be after your classmate who barely attends class lands a job. Sooner than later you will know that, that piece of paper will only be beneficial if your hustle matches your grind.

Friendship lessons

You lose some along the way. Some losses will hurt worse than a break-up. Some will define you. Some will make you accommodating and tolerant.

Still, your friends will become your tribe no matter how many times you try to avoid it. You will involuntarily add these people to your wedding WhatsApp group.

Temporary pleasures

There are temporary highs that will give you permanent lows. It would be wise to avoid that trap. All you have to do is say NO.

You figure it out

You get into the system blind, hoping some miracle will happen and you will gain sight. This does not happen. No. It is a hazy maze. Still, you learn how to navigate without sight. You realise that it is not too bad. That it’s been done before and it can be done again.

You make mistakes and you get up from the hardest falls. Through it all, you learn that there is no need beating yourself up.