Rapper Gabu  [Courtesy]

Rapper Gabriel Kagundu, popularly known as Gabu, is not pleased with the ongoing donations that Kenyans are making for residents of hunger-stricken counties. The Wabe hit-maker feels that the government is taking advantage of Kenyans by asking them to join hands and make donations in a bid to eradicate hunger.

In a long Instagram post, he has urged Kenyans not to strain their pockets helping the government do their job.

“Hii gov yetu imetuzoea sana .Hawatupei kazi na bado wanataka mchango. I am totally opposed to any Kenyan straining his or her pocket further to throw some cash to M-Changa or Paybill account to feed Kenyans starving in Turkana, I wish to incite the readers of this post to desist from doing so,” he wrote.

Gabu’s P-Unit counterpart Frasha also came out to support the “I say no to paybill number” campaign. Part of his comment on Gabu’s post reads: “Change shall not come from IG and what’s app groups it’s high time the youth realized they are the majority and they have the power to change this country. How can we be talking of drought in the 21st century yet countries which are deserts give us relief food.”

"Let Turkana residents go arrest their leaders and demand the money we all donated to them as a country"

Gabu went further to provide a mathematical breakdown of Turkana County’s budgetary allocation.

“Somebody make me understand how such a rich county could experience death as a result of drought, yesterday I said drought is not an accident, It is not an abrupt happening like the typhoons, it is foreseeable. Allow me to repeat the same. It is not the first time Turkana is experiencing drought.

What were these allocations for? To pay employees? To take elites to devolution conference? To buy leaders choppers? Let Turkana residents go arrest their leaders and demand the money we all donated to them as a country. We got no other cash to contribute via M-Changa or M-Pesa, they can either choose to act or choose to die.” He added.

According to the ministry of Devolution, residents in more than 14 counties are facing starvation due to the ongoing drought across the country. The ministry has requested funds from the National Treasury to prevent the situation from turning into a national crisis. Furthermore, the Deputy President on Monday announced that the national government has released Sh2 billion to go towards averting the drought crisis and starvation in 13 counties.  The DP also disclosed that the country is having enough food in store to feed all Kenyans.