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The announcement by Education Cabinet Secretary Amina Mohamed that the High Education Loans Board (Helb) will hunt down defaulters has elicited sharp reactions on social media.

Kenyans on Twitter have in particular descended on the loan’s body with humor as to how it will track down 74,000 defaulters in a bid to recover Sh7.2 billion.

Of significance, according to some, was to why HELB was taking such a measure including threats of soliciting help from DCI instead of giving opportunities to defaulters to pay.

Many were of the view that the reason why many have not paid was due to unemployment and there was no reason to criminalize the lack thereof.

Those in employment are not off the hook either, according to Amina, the crackdown is on the horizon and employers will be roped in to help.

“We hope by doing we will increase the resources that are available to HELB to support others…We want them to become reliable and responsible citizens by repaying their debt,” said Amina.

Harry G wrote, “This will be a good Reunion with those comrades I haven't seen in years...A forced one,” while Ugima posted, “So #HELB expects the jobless people to get money from where? The desperation in this country is getting into a very critical stage...The thieves aka the corrupt are getting away with murder literally as the poor suffer.”

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