Tallia Oyando.

Reggae empress Tallia Oyando also known by the name Night Nurse for her show Uptown Nights on Homeboyz Radio did not come to play.

After attending the ‘Nobody Can Stop Reggae’ concert on Saturday night, the fitness enthusiast took a trip to the coast and posted pictures of herself enjoying her hard earned gains.

Dressed in bikini and a sheer cover up, the singer and song writer flaunted her curves in pictures she posted on her Instagram, posing by the white sandy beach.

Tallia Oyando.


Tallia Oyando.


Her fans could not contain themselves on how amazing she looked and left several comments on her post.

bryansmallz Na level za udeadly hukuwa unajua zinaexist ata
being_del I love this gal... Do you always, empress no. 1.
sospeter949 ??I love you hope ingekuwa manzi wa myn
rouzkokie Issa a snack....goals...
iamthatguysaddy una level za udeadly sikujua zinaexist ata

In June last year, the radio and TV host did a shoot with booty shorts that lit the internet. On her post, she let her fan in on how she maintains her sexy body.



So here I am. Not exactly where I wanted to be but I am here. I have the kind of body that would add weight quick if I wasn't serious and lose it quick if I was. Work tied me down (thank God for work) I didn't even have the energy to work out. Anyway I am here and I am not perfect. But my journey does not end here. Thank you so much to @fit_joe who left me but its ok I am extremely happy for you and grateful to you you are missed, thanks for training me and my moods. To my current coach @ambrosemuga thank you for pushing me and laughing with me and calling me names. To Andre and team @colosseumkenya this gym has been a second home for me and I thank you so much for the support you give me..... I get so many questions in my DM about my workouts what do you eat, how many times do you workout. I will tell you this I try to eat small portions I am terrible at diets and my kryptonite is candy (anything gummy bear related) they are the reason I add weight when I do, its not even food its Candy lol. I try to keep away. I work out 5 days of the week and I recently got back to riding my bike. Start your journey today #fitlife however slow it is just start . Be your own motivation and keep telling your self just one more just one more when you feel like you wanna give up. So anyway here I am its still June so #bootyshortsinjune I will do better next year I will be where I want but for now I am happy. #bootyshortsonjune . .???? @mercosalonke [email protected]_k [email protected] @kevbbuo

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