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Lawyer Miguna Miguna has poured cold water on the stealthy appearance spotted by flamboyant city politician Steve Mbogo at 14 Riverside Drive in Nairobi on Tuesday.

According to Miguna, no civilian is allowed to own automatic weapons let alone don bulletproof vests in public.

“No civilian is legally permitted to own automatic weapons, nor are they legally allowed to roam around the City with them. Civilians cannot don bullet-proof vests in public. Lastly, being a licensed gun owner does not make one a police officer.....,” wrote Miguna.

But according to the 2017 Starehe parliamentary aspirant, he was at the scene as a civilian who was in a capacity to help.

He told eDaily that he was running errands near DusitD2 when reports emerged that it was under attack reiterating that he ‘has good knowledge of firearms.

“I am a licensed firearms holder. I was running my errands near the dusitD2 Hotel here in Nairobi when I learned that the facility was under a terror attack. Because I was in a position to help, given I have good knowledge on how to handle firearms and protect myself against such situations, I went in to help in the rescue operations. If you are asking in what capacity I was there, I would tell you: I was there as a civilian, who is mandated by law to handle firearms,” Mbogo told eDaily.

Rescue efforts at the complex are still ongoing.