Christina Shusho and Rose Muhando Photo:Courtesy

Celebrated Tanzanian gospel singer Christina Shusho has said that she was shocked by Rose Muhando’s exorcism video that went viral recently.

“The video of Rose Muhando indeed left me in shock. She is a colleague in the gospel industry, and I wouldn’t want to say much about the footage,” Shusho told Citizen TV.

The Akuteendee Nini hit maker regretted that she was not there on time to help out her friend saying she wasn’t aware of the magnitude of her problems.

“Rose is my friend. We have always communicated, though not very frequently. I am sorry I did not know how deep-rooted her problems were, given we live quite far apart from each other.

“Had I known earlier, I would have done something to help. We are with her during this trying time, and promise to pray for her. I assure you that something is being done,” she said.

Shusho said that the gospel industry in Tanzania has resolved to help Muhando and are in the process of pulling resources together for the cause.

“Though, what I would tell you is that we - in the gospel industry in Tanzania - are pulling our resources together to ensure that we help Ms Muhando. We have started an initiative, which I believe, will go a long way in offering her the assistance she so much needs,” she explained.

She however had her reservations on Rose Muhando’s claims that Tanzania gospel industry had been infiltrated by dark forces.

“I wouldn’t want to confirm or dismiss claims that the music industry in Tanzania has been infiltrated by dark forces. Ms Muhando, based on her experience, made her confessions in church.

“On my side, I haven’t experienced dark forces attempting to pull me down or disorientate my life. I thank God for the protection. Though for Rose, we are with her in prayers,” she said.

The gospel fraternity in East Africa was shocked by a viral video showing Kenyan pastor James Ng’anga of Neno Evangelism ‘exorcising demons’ from the gospel singer.

In her confessions during the alleged exorcism, Muhando claimed that dark forces had been sent to disorient her, driving her away from her home and spelling doom to her music career.

Tanzania Music Foundation (TAMUFO)  last Thursday asked her to travel back to Tanzania for treatment.

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