Bahati [Photo: Courtesy]

Days after he launched his first TV show, gospel artist Bahati has rewarded himself with a new ride.

Bahati is now the proud owner of a 2011 E class Mercedes Benz said to have cost him Sh 4 million an addition to his growing German collection.

Taking to his social media, the singer flaunted his new ride to the amusement of his fans who shared in his excitement.

“Thank You Jesus For Another Blessing. Hawawezi Bishana Na Me Hata Kama Shuleni Nilipata D!!!’’ He posted alongside a photo of the sleek black ride.

Never shy of revealing his love for high end machines, the ‘Being Bahati’ reality show star also owns a 2006 Mercedes Benz C200.

According to grapevines, the ‘Rock of My Life’ hit maker was paid a pretty hefty sum to star in the reality show.

“It’s a good deal worth lots of money. I am so excited about it so let’s wait,” said Bahati when asked how much he was paid.

Turns out he wasn’t joking after all.