Bahati [Photo: Courtesy]

Bahati’s new reality TV show  premiered on Sunday and according to a section of Kenyans, the much-publicized reality show was an epic fail and a total waste of time.

"FINALLY TOMORROW SUNDAY 7:30PM the First Episode of #BEINGBAHATI premiers on NTV!!! If You're Ready for this History Comment below 'Being Bahati',’’ Bahati posted as fans thronged to his page to support him.

Well, the day came and went, and Kenyans were left scratching their heads in disappointment despite the show trending.

‘’OUR FIRST EPISODE ON NTV... In 25 mins Trending Top in Kenya #BEINGBAHATI Thank You Kenyans for the Love Next Episode is Bigger,’’ the father of two posted.

The reality show has left many wondering what it is about.

The cameo featured several gospel artists talking about the singer and his family begging the question what the show’s theme is all about.

‘’What do you think of the show so far?’’ Bahati tweeted.

Some of the comments read.