Hon Passaris with her former nanny Mary Ogosi

Nairobi County Women Representative Esther Passaris warmed hearts online after she shared her pictures visiting her former house help in Kisumu.

Passaris visited Kisumu for parliamentary work when she took the moment to visit her retired nanny who now lives in the town.

She revealed that she was elated to meet Cucu Mary, as she calls her, who she says was her grandmother’s companion who looked after her children from birth.

“Whilst in Kisumu for parliamentary work, I took the chance to visit Mary Ogosi who was a nanny to my children from birth and a companion to my grandmother. It's nice to see her happy and enjoying the returns on her investment on property from her retirement benefit.” Passaris’ post read

Taking to social media, the first time Member of National Assembly shared a post of her spending time with Mrs Ogosi. The two looked excited as they walked around taking pictures ‘inspecting’ a number of the Mrs Ogosi’s investments including rental houses, her rural home and cows.

The politician’s post warmed netizens hearts with many taking to the comments to laud her for acknowledging someone who played a role in her earlier life:

However, a faction were of a different opinion: