The couple [Photo: Courtesy]

Supermodel Maureen Waititu and her fitness expert husband Frankie of Just Gym It have sent the internet on overdrive after they posted photos of their maternity shoot.

Commonly referred to as Alpha Beta, the name of their popular YouTube channel, the couple have channeled some serious African vibe by going for a king and queen theme complete with body paint and brass accessories

Maureen and Frank[Photo: Courtesy]

‘’Black is Authoritive, Powerful, evokes Strong Emotions, and too much Black can feel overwhelming. Black represents Power, Sophistication, Elegance, Formality, Mystery and the Unknown. Black raises Kings and Queens. Black is beautiful.’’ Maureen posted.

Frank and Maureen [Photo: Courtesy]

The couple who have a son, Alex, are expecting their second child.

With one of the most popular and subscribed channels in Kenya, the couple share their every day life experiences touching on parenting, relationships and everything else.