NYS officers assists some of the victims that were affected after Patel Dam burst its bank [Harun Wathari]

Patel Dam in Solai, Nakuru County, broke its banks on Wednesday evening leaving at least 31 people dead and hundreds homeless.

The one-acre water reservoir breached its banks and swept away homes and farms in the neighbourhood for as wide as three kilometres.

One of the homes destroyed by the raging waters [Harun Wathari]

The dam is located on the upper part of the expansive Nyakinyua farms and is about eight kilometres from the Solai shopping centre. It is one of the four water reservoirs in the area owned by one Mr Patel.

A rescuer rescues an elderly man, one of the victims [Harun Wathari]

The locals are now calling for action demanding that the other three dams be demolished as one, the largest covering about four acres, is already leaking.

A man rescues a victim of the Patel Dam Tragedy who was found stuck in the mud [Harun Wathari]

There are fears that the number of casualties could rise as there are more people still missing.

Inside one of the houses that were destroyed by the water [Harun Wathari]