Mutua with his mother [Photo: Courtesy]

Dr. Ezekiel Mutua, the CEO of the Kenya Film Classification Board, is building his parents in the village a huge house, a promise he said he made when he was 10 years old.

Through a post on Facebook, Mutua disclosed how a neighbour had gossiped about his parent’s poverty at the time saying that his father’s progeny would amount to nothing.

Mutua with his father [Photo: Courtesy]

Mutua said that their home “was like a symbol of shame and want” but the neighbours “curse” stuck in his mind and he made a point that he will reverse it one day.

He showed his followers around the uncompleted compound where he revealed that he was in the process of building his aged parents “a chapel and an old people's home complete with a health facility.”

Mutua in the village [Photo: Courtesy]

“So when I was a young boy (I think about 10 years) I overheard a neighbour gossip my parents - how we were poor and how my father's household would never amount to anything. That time things were thick and my dad's compound was like a symbol of shame and want.

Part of the compound [Photo: Courtesy]

“There was nothing to call a home really although by the standards of the village that may not have been a big deal. But that comment by our neighbour really got me offended. It stuck in my mind and all through life as I grew up I prayed that God would help me reverse that curse. Years have gone by and a lot of water has gone under the bridge.

“By God's grace I have been able to reverse the word's of the old village neighbour. My parents can enjoy a semblance of a decent home. Once I complete settling them, I will grant their wish and build a chapel in my dad's compound and an old people's home complete with a health facility for their medical care.

Part of the compound [Photo: Courtesy]

“I want to ensure that the aged in my village have a place they can enjoy peace of mind, have decent food and medical check up. After that I will build a nice kindergarten to give a decent academic start to children in my village. That dream is shaping up nicely within my dad's compound, the very place that our neighbour thought would be desolate!” Posted Mutua.