Jalang'o [Photo: Courtesy]

If you thought TV presenter Kobi Kihara had the largest shoe collection with her thousands of pairs, think twice.

Entering the big league of shoe lovers is comedian Felix Odiwour popularly known as Jalang’o  after he revealed that he owns over 3,000 pairs.

Sharing his story during a radio segment, Jalang’o disclosed that he can buy up to four pairs of shoes a week.

He added that he was compensating for the many years he wore no shoes and either walked bare foot or wore akalas (sandals) made from used car tires during his early years.

‘’My love for shoes started when I joined Form one. My dad had fund raised to take me to school and that’s when he got me my first pair of shoes. I’m just compensating for the years I never had shoes. Currently, I have 3,212 pairs of shoes. In a good week I can buy as many as four pairs of shoes,’’ said the Hot 96 host.

Determined not to go back to the poverty he lived through, the memories have propelled him to work harder to ensure he lacks nothing and take care of his extended family members who depend on him.

The comedian who does not shy away from spending big on luxury owns several top of the range cars inclsuding a Chrysler, a Land Cruiser V8 and a Range Rover among others

Jalang’o has declared his intentions to delve into politics and is reportedly eying the Lang’ata Parliamentary seat.