Ezekiel Mutua, Kiss condoms (Inset) [Photo: Courtesy]

A condom advertisement running on local TV channels could be headed for the rocks after the Kenya Film Classification Board CEO Ezekiel Mutua vowed to move to court to stop its airing.

According to Mutua, the advert by Kiss condoms publicizing its Chocolate, Strawberry and Classic brands was inappropriate and “obnoxious”, exposing children to adult content.

“I am inundated with these kind of messages from concerned parents regarding this obnoxious advert appearing on TV during the watershed period,” posted Mutua

Mutua disclosed on Facebook that the board had written warning letters to the producers of the advert as well as the media houses airing the ad for flouting regulations.

The condoms line up [Photo: Courtesy]

“We are keen to protect children from premature exposure to adult content. Media houses who know the content regulations continue to violate them because of money

“We have written warning letters to the producers of the advert and the media houses concerned and we are following up the matter to ensure that the advert does not run during the watershed period,” he added.

He reiterated that adverts touching on alcohol and condoms ought not to air “during the watershed period which in Kenya is between 5am to 10pm.”

“It's sad that we have to go to court to enforce such clear guidelines that media houses should uphold as part of self-regulation and professionalism. Adverts for alcohol, condoms or such other products meant for adults should not air during the watershed period which in Kenya is between 5am to 10pm. Programs aired during this period on free to air radio and TV should be suitable for family viewing.”

This comes months after an outdoor advertising company was forced to pull down a billboard from the same company that it had mounted near T-Mall along Langata Road following  public outcry over its ‘explicit’ message that ‘Ni poa dame akicome first.’

This billboard stirred controversy [Photo: Courtesy]

“We received complaints from the public. Since we regulate billboards when the public perception on messages they carry do not go down, well we advise for their removal,”said Nairobi County government Urban Planning Chief Officer Justus Kathenge at the time.