Timmy Tdat and Mwalimu Rachel [Photo: Courtesy]

Timmy Tdat and Mwalimu Rachel’s legion of fans are biting their nails as to what could be ‘developing’ between the two NRGradio’s newest sensations.

In the string of photos posted by Timmy and Rachel on their Instagram pages as they gear up for their new afternoon show at the station, some fans are reading more to theier great chemistry.

One steamy photo in particular has drawn huge attention where the luscious Rachel - a mother of one and Timmy- Kenya’s newest bad boy, are in an embrace straight out of the 50 shades of grey, and the suggestive pose sending fans on overdrive in speculation.

Caleb.fred for instance posted that he was smelling romance between Rachel and Timmy and that there was more than meets the eye, “Kwani hio @nrgradioke ni romantic I see romance in the air.”

Kimnaiboi254 was however hollering out to Timmy’s close friend and fellow star Otile Brown to check out what was happening under his nose, perhaps a cheeky reference to their much publicized scuffle over a month ago.

Others had advice for Timmy, Blessed_man_ke1Hio ndo kuguzwa roho, timmytdat Kasabuni umefika fungua macho.

The two in their element [Photo: Courtesy]

It is however worth noting that the two are set to be on air soon and the photos are a promo to their new ventures.

Rachel’s decision to leave Homeboyz Radio came as a shock to her fans when she made the announcement in January.

She did not reveal why class would no longer be in session but said she had big news to share later. The big news is finally out.

‘’Sooooo!!! I OFFICIALLY start my NEW radio gig TODAY!! SURPRIIIIIISE!!!!!! Girl is excited!!!#NewWeekNewBeginnings ama ni beningings? How's your Monday going?#AfricasFinest.’’ She posted.

She is now back on radio and will be having a new daily show with Timmy T Dat every 3pm on NRG radio. The excited radio presenter could not contain her excitement as she shared photos of her first day at work.

The beautiful radio presenter built her brand around her show Class 124 before leaving HBR after having worked there for 10 years.