Model Sheila Kanini

The modelling industry is known to be made of glamour and elegance but that’s not all as there’s more than meets the eye.

It is not only in Kenya as models all over the world also have at least one negative feedback to write home about over their experiences modelling for agencies and working with brands as paid ambassadors.

Former Miss Kenya World Sheila Kanini is one such model. She has amassed experience and reputation all though her career from the time she was crowned to now working with some of the leading brands and agencies in the country including Vera Sidika’s Veetox thus her story is not just any other exposé.

Kanini took to social media to uncover the filth in the Kenyan modelling industry talking about default payment and sexual assaults. She even dropped some shocking names in the process.

Her story has initiated a trend #paymodelske and more stories have since come out.

It only needed a spark and now hundreds of models have come out confessing the struggles they have been made to go through to make it in the industry.

One of Ms Kanini' posts

Here are some of the revolting things in the modelling industry that are coming out as models share their testimonies and experiences in the hands of exploiters: