Mishi Dorah [Photo: Courtesy]

Nairobi Diaries reality star Mishi Dorah is in mourning the passing of her father, Mr Ojenge.

Dorah wrote a heartfelt message on Instagram wehere she celebrated her father as her hero who stood be her through thick and thin.

Dorah  added in the emotional message that the passing of her father was a huge blow to her having supported her all through.

“Today I have received the biggest blow … I have lost my hero… my love… my dad the only man that I’m answering to his surname.

  “The man that has stood by me through thick and thin… the man that has always reminded me that I’m a pretty and very special child that deserves nothing but the best.

“The man that has always seen the good on me even when no one saw it… one that has never looked down on me …one that has always fought for my rights.. .

“I call him Jenga man (Mr Ojenge)…. Go well daddy… Go well my love… I will dearly miss you,” she posted.