Bentley [Photo: Courtesy]

The number of people who drive exotic handmade cars in Kenya are so few they can all literally fit in a Probox car with enough space to spare for a lactating cow and a few chickens.

Those who own Bentleys, Rolls Royce, Bugatti, Maybach and a few others high end cars, boast of unparalleled exclusivity, refined luxury and bragging rights to the ‘millionaire or billionaires’ clubs, both of which are beyond reach to a large junk of the Kenyan population.

That they are expensive with price tags running into millions is enough reason why they draw such a huge attention whenever they hit the Kenyan roads.

Today, we highlight Kenyan celebrities who drive Bentleys. Let us not get started on whether there is a possibility of getting spare parts for these cars along Grogan road or on some roadside ‘spare part shop’ that doubles up as miraa base. Not today that is.

A Bentley Bentayga, for example, sends ones account Sh23, 902,316 back before tax.


Jalang’o is one of the few radio personalities who command a six figure salary at the end of the month.

Jalang'o [Photo: Courtesy]


The musician turned politician boasts a wide range of sleek cars.

Jaguar's ride [Photo: Courtesy]

Steve Mbogo

The flamboyant businessman and former Starehe parliamnetary aspirant owns a blue Bentley.

Mbogo's ride [Photo: Courtesy]

Shaffie Weru

The popular radio presenter owns a Bentley GTC 2014

Shaffie's car [Photo: Courtesy]

Ali Hassan Joho

The Mombasa Governor has an impressive car collection

Joho's ride [Photo: Courtesy]

Chris Kirubi

Kenya’s flamboyant billionaire business magnate Chris Kirubi owns a Bentley Bentyga.

Kirubi's Bentley [Photo: Courtesy]

B Club Billionaire Barry Ndengeye

B Club Billionaire Barry Ndengeye is arguably Kenya’s richest car collector

Barry Ndengeye's ride [Photo: Courtesy]


KRG is a Kenyan musician and automobile enthusiast

KRG [photo: Courtesy]