Steve Mbogo and his family [Photo: Courtesy]

Self-proclaimed billionaire and former Starehe parliamentary aspirant Steve Mbogo held an exquisite birthday party over the weekend for his youngest daughter Meysam Mbogo.

The flamboyant businessman posted photographs of the event where he spared no expense to organize a party befitting that of a princess.

‘’Happy birthday to my beautiful daughter! It’s amazing how time flies. Watching you grow has been astonishing. Right from the day you were born, when I held you in my arm for the first time, I have always known that you are going to be a wonderful girl. Today being your 1st birthday we are very delighted to see you grown up so magnificently.....I love u Meysam Mbogo# thembogos,” wrote Mbogo

The party was well attended by friends, family and celebrities including KTN’s Maisha Mzuqa host Jammal Gaddafi who is the brother to Steve Mbogo’s wife.

The family has another daughter, Fatma.

Here are a sample of photos from the event…

Mbogo and his daughter [Photo: Courtesy]
Mbogo and his daughter [Photo: Courtesy]
Steve Mbogo's family [Photo: Courtesy]