The anti-riot officer in tears
  • The picture is of an officer in anti-riot gear shedding tears
  • Kenyans have weighed in with their varied views of what might have been going on with the officer

A picture of an anti-riot police officer in tears has gone viral on social media. The officer, in full riot gear, is captured with streaks of tears flowing from his closed eyes.

The image has moved Kenyans in the wake of clashes between the police and opposition supporters over the botched repeat presidential elections.

The viral picture has caused debate as it is not clear what exactly was going on with the unidentified officer.

Since the picture was taken in the rain, a section of commenters argue that it is rain flowing on his face while another critical lot claim that the officer was overwhelmed by teargas fumes.

However, a majority of Kenyans found the picture emotional and empathised with the officer claiming he was not happy about the police brutality himself.

Here are some of the comments shared by Kenyans over the picture: