Joe Kadenge with Carol Radull in hospital

Legendary footballer Joe Kadenge is recuperating in hospital following a spike in his blood sugar brought about by a fall.

The retired footballer and Harambee stars coach fell down in his home after a blackout that left him with an injury. Among those who went to visit him was the popular TV and radio sports presenter, Carol Radull.

While together, Kadenge made an appeal for his friends to go visit him.

‘’Today I visited my friend in hospital. He fell last week during a blackout at home and hurt himself. His blood pressure shot up but is under control now. He asked me to record and share this video. His daughter Susan never leaves his side.

"Where have my friends gone and do they know where I am?" - Joe Kadenge #LivingLegend PS His bill is sorted through NHIF. He simply misses the company of his friends.’’ Carol Radull posted on her social media after she visited him yesterday afternoon.

Kadenge is at the Nairobi hospital where he is recovering well.