Dance is favourite of them all…and sometimes they bring sheep on board

They have branded consumables such as alcohol, put posters on animals, sidewalks, dustbins, construction sites and even on electric transformers.

Aspirants are sparing no effort in order to get noticed. City centre is awash with campaign posters that now constitute litter. In areas like Muthurwa, the posters are plastered on the ground. People literally walk on them. The same is replicated on electric poles and the footbridge leading into the market.

“The politicians think that sticking posters everywhere will make us change our minds and vote for them. This time round we are concerned more about what they have to offer and not their handouts,” said Alice Njeri, a trader at Muthurwa.

Dust bins are also ‘decorated’ with campaign posters belonging to either Jubilee or ODM aspirants.

In Roysambu, aspirants have had to risk their lives by putting up posters on electric transformers.

Women slogans

Chief sub-county administrator John Ntoiti has, however, warned politicians that if they put up advertisements with firms that owe the county money, they will be charged directly.

Women aspirants have picked catchy slogans to bring them ‘closer to the people’. Nairobi Woman Rep Rachael Shebesh has upgraded her slogan to ‘Mama Nai, Jenga Nai’. Millicent Omanga, a businesswoman is now ‘Msupa na works’.

Karen Nyamu, a lawyer, goes by the slogan “wakili wa ma-hustler” which means “lawyer of hustlers”. Residents of Murang’a were caught by surprise after cheap liquor bottles bearing the image of an aspirant emerged. The bottles had the image of Stephen Ndichu Kinuthia.

“This is taking the campaigns too far because the aspirant is forcing himself down our throats,” said George Kimani.

In Limuru, Jubilee parliamentary aspirant George Maara branded bread. He also branded salt packages. Social media was ablaze with pictures of a branded goat.