While there are those who have the notion that fashion is something anyone can take up and build into a career so long as they can tell apart a real Gucci bag from a fake one, it is not that simple. Fashion as a whole is no joke and just to show you how serious it is, one has to study hard to become recognized and respected in the fashion world. And this is exactly what stylist Connie Aluoch did. Starting her styling journey at Instituto Marangoni in Milan a few years ago where she undertook her fashion training, she is now a faculty staff of the esteemed institution.

‘’Today is truly one of the most significant and emotional days of my Styling Career.. I have been fully certified as a Faculty Staff of the International @istitutomarangoni Milan Fashion School....
This is a true testimony that through God all things are possible, Thank you to my Family, Mentors and many friends who have walked with me on this incredible journey..’’ She posted on her social media.

She is now a faculty tutor after she attended the five-day training in Milan, one of the world’s fashion ‘IT’ cities.

Istituto Marangoni is the international fashion school par excellence with four schools in the most prestigious venues of international fashion. In Milan, the capital of ‘Made in Italy,’ in Florence where fashion, art and tradition meet, in Paris, the home of haute couture, in London where trends are born and in Shanghai where fashion is the future. It is a school where the passion for fashion unites cultures, ideas and people from all over the world. Entering Istituto Marangoni means being part of a very special community, where fashion is the common denominator in all its most cosmopolitan aspects.

The school boasts of more than 4,000 students from 106 countries.