Photo: IG/huddahthebosschick

Socialite and entrepreneur Huddah Monroe has just revealed that she had to undergo a corrective surgery meant to correct a previous cosmetic surgery she had a while ago.

She has been in the United States these past couple of weeks and looks like the treatment was top of her agenda.

In a post on social media, she said “Got complications from a previous cosmetic Surgery I had and I am pleased with my Doctors who have done incredible job on me. I can't be more thankful! I could've died but I'm well now.”

In the post, she credited her wellbeing to her doctor from Beverly Hills plastic Surgery Group which is one of the most trusted plastic surgery institutions, as seen on a series known as DR.90210, in the program, they feature various patients with mostly extreme cases of past quack surgeries gone wrong.

The top rated doctors often then correct them to their best ability.

During Huddah’s time at the Big brother show in 2013, her shower hour videos leaked and she was ridiculed because of her tiny boobs back then.

Last year, she opened up and acknowledged her regrets of succumbing to pressure to enlarge them. Could this be the plastic surgery that went wrong or is there something else she might have corrected that she hasn’t revealed yet?

Attempts to reach her for further information were received by dead end attempts of unanswered calls.