Tweeter beef erupted between Kenyans and Ghanaians today. Photo: Courtesy

Twitter bigwig Cyprian Nyakundi must have been bored when he tweeted; “Just realized that we have never played with Ghana. Can Ghanaians beat Kenya #KenyaVsGhana. An online game of course”.

That was in January 2014 to which Christian Dela replied with a playful “Naah”.

All seemed to be settled until today, when the hashtag #KenyavsGhana started trending, following a prob by @iGitz_ asking ‘who is ready for that match?’ and quickly following it up with an, “I do not think we have enough Ghanaians on Twitter. I should just chill”.

 That was when it started with the hashtag remaining at number one for most of the day. Unlike previous tweefs like #SomeoneTellNigeria which had tweeps from the respective countries throw tweets at each other, Ghanaians are hell bent on responding to every tweet sent by a Kenyan.

Do you think we rattled the wrong snake, or are we roasting the Ghanaians? You decide.