The Kansoul. Photo: Courtesy

SDE: Who are the Kansoul?

We are a musical group comprising Mejja (Okonkwo), producer KidKora and Madtraxx (the Chairman). During the initial stages of the group’s career we were a large number of musicians  but over time they left due to other commitments.   

 SDE: What makes you stand out?

The fact that each member has a role thus enabling us  blend perfectly. The fact that Madraxx is the producer, KidKora  loves making beats and Mejja is a good composer and rapper works very well for us. So far we have recorded more than 30 songs.  

SDE: Tell us about your latest song Utamu Wa Life?

It is one of those unique and different songs typical of the Kansoul. Like most of our songs we tell it as it is besides making sure that we are able to appeal to our fans . Each time we do a song we ask ourselves if it will be a good listen to the fans.

SDE; What inspires your songs?

Everyday life happenings around us. Ours is spontaneous in the sense that whenever we see what is of interest to us we go for it there and then- lest we forget. Also things within the society that we know but for some reason are afraid to talk about.  

SDE: You have been part of the Coke Studio  what does this mean to you?

That we are able to connect and network freely with new various artists from across Africa. Through this platform we get a feel of their diverse cultures, music and markets which are able to learn from and improve our music further and vice versa.   

SDE: Given a chance to collaborate with any artist from Africa, who would it be?

Although we clearly know that Africa has immense talent but we would not mind working with the likes of Wizkid,  Juma Nature and  Lizha James just to name a few.  

SDE: What is your take on Kenyan artistes?  

Without beating about the bush we feel that local artistes lack their own music identity and originality with everyone opting for Afrofusion style influenced by artistes from other countries. It is sad to note that of late our artistes and local deejays have changed our sound. They are influenced by musicians from countries like Nigeria, South Africa and want to sing like Tanzania’s Diamond and Ali Kiba.  

SDE: What has kept you going as a group?

The fact that we are real and  tell it as it is. With the changing trends in music we strive not to let our fans down and that is why we give out our best during shows. To achieve this we practice and rehearse wherever we are  and the results are amazing.

 SDE: You write all your music; what’s your inspiration

Yes, we strongly believe that this is what makes us a real artists. Real life happenings inspire us.  When we  wake up we question ourselves as to whether our fans would be comfortable listening to the songs we are drafting including out target audience before we proceed further.  

 SDE: What is your best part about the music process?

Every part is amazing. From processing our emotions to putting our  feelings or observations into a song. Sometimes a catchphrase pops out and then we will marinate on it and write a melody and harmony to it. There are times when a series of chord play over any of our heads and we always ensure that we write it. It is an organic process. The idea manifests randomly and spontaneously and we know that we have to go with it or risk losing it.  

SDE: What project are you working on at the moment?

We have recorded about 30 songs but were reserved on the name of the album and release date. This aside we strongly believe that we are the group that will resuscitate Kenya’s music identity and squeeze out songs with a 'slow tempo' which sound like poems. 

SDE: Last word?

Watch out for this space for we have amazing, bigger and better things coming forth.