A man from Bukembe village, Kanduyi constituency, Bungoma County has shocked Kenyans by announcing his bid to vie for the Woman Representative post in the next general election.

Webster Wechuli 40 and a father of four, says that even if he is a male by gender, he will compete with other aspirants during the nominations in ODM and if he wins he will have to battle it out with candidates from other parties.

Speaking in Bungoma town on Friday, Wechuli who has already started distributing posters that he is interested in the seat traditional preserved for women to help observe the two third gender rule, says nowhere he has been barred with the constitution. "If the seat has been reserved for only women why do men vote for them, I have the equal right to vie for it and represent my people the way MPs, MCAs are currently doing," he said.

Wechuli has been using the online platforms to sell his manifestos and convince voters that he is up to the task if elected; he uses the tagline 'Embrace women for posterity'. However, the constitution bars him from vying for the seat because it only allows female candidates to participate.

The concerned section reads: "47 women, each elected by the registered voters of the counties, each county constituting a single member constituency,"

"I have realized that the current Woman Rep does not represent the interests of women at heart. She represents women without the needed passion. A man has a woman's interest at heart, with a passion. That man is Webster," he said. He said that the law is very clear and no Kenyan shall be segregated because of their gender, tribe or colour.

Nobody should be stopped from vying for a seat of his choice. "The law calls for a balanced representation of either gender for equality. The constitution is like the bible. Interpretation differs; the same constitution guarantees every Kenyan equal opportunity without segregation. Every Kenyan is free to vie for the position," he said.