By May Jesaro (@KiptuiMay)

It was a sad day for Nation FM’s radio presenter Sanaipei Tande, after she received news that she was sacked without her knowledge.

The ‘Mfalme Wa Mapenzi’ singer bid her loyal listeners goodbye via a tweet saying, “Dear loyal listeners, 2day was my last day on I just learned! No hard feelings, I will miss U all.”

Her colleagues and radio hosts Anto Neosoul and Ciru Muriuki,  also tweeted their farewell to fans.

Guys today was my last day on @NationFMKe. Thank you all so much for your support in my time there. See you on the flip!

Anto Neosoul also tweeted, “Guys it’ been real. Today was my last day at @NationFMKe #TeamInsomnia LIVES!”

Fans expressed their disappointment to the news with some of them saying,

‏@Its_Jeffochieng: Hii Nation fm ni ujinga sasa Xtiandela alienda from sasa  Anto amekanyaga pia poleni mko one listener less

‏@Issysky:  I do not know what is happening and I don't like it at all #teaminsomnia shall never be the same without them!!!

‏@shaleenroberts: @CiruMuriuki @NationFMKe @antoneosoul nooooo aki u guys were the best we will really miss you

@vancetie: @antoneosoul @cirumuriuki @nationfmke Gosh!Wat a bad way to end th day #SadNewsThere

@beccyombongi: @CiruMuriuki @antoneosoul @NationFMKe kama ni true ,starting today my radio should be barried .. I hate this for real

‏@Issysky: @CiruMuriuki @antoneosoul @sanaipei_t And the others? Si they just shut down the whole frequency basi Alar!