By Sheila Kimani (@sheilakimm)

Gospel singer Ringtone Apoko hinted that he was eyeing Tanzanian songstress Rehema Chalamila famously known as Ray C when he posted on one of his social media accounts saying,

Attention naskia Ray C ameokoka na anatafuta husband. God is speaking to me. Kindly if you have her numbers send it to me and God will greatly bless you.

At that point, Ringtone was literally interested in landing Ray C after learning that she is saved and is looking for a husband. He further alleged that God had spoken to him encouraging him to look for her.

However, when called to task at a local television station, the singer has now recanted his message, denying his interests in Ray C. Even after his post yesterday, the singer said that people were blowing the situation out of proportion and twisting his words.

He further explained that, all he meant was that he wants to develop contacts with Ray C so that he can help in knowing more about God. The ‘Pamela’ singer was also quick to admit that he is single and knows well enough that Ray C is looking for a husband and he is not ready to marry.

However, he is willing to travel to Tanzania because there are a lot of things he wants to share with lass including getting her to help him create awareness about drug abuse amongst the youth!

With that said, Ringtone may soon be travelling to Tanzania in search for Ray C.