By May Jesaro (@KiptuiMay)

We can always meet with friends and family for a good time and laugh but it does not come anywhere close to hilarious jokes made by Kenyans on Twitter when it comes to investigative series.

#Onlyin NairobiAviation has become one of the tops trends after Certificates of Doom expose was aired on Sunday night regarding education institutions that are only out for the money, corrupt to the core that one can simply get an original certificate of any course for Sh3,000 without stepping into class. Many colleges are ‘known’ for this but Nairobi Aviation was caught right in the middle of it.

Here is the hilarious take Kenyans had on social media.

@DateyouKenya: When your boss realises your from #NairobiAviationCollege #Certificateofdoom #OnlyinNairobiAviation

@bonfacesadia: Ati kama unatoanga cobwebs unapata certificate in web design #OnlyinNairobiAviation

‏@ser_derm: Parking class Nairobi aviation #OnlyInNairobiAviation

‏@shiksnoadiah: #OnlyinNairobiAviation ukijaza soduku puzzle unapewa Bachelor's Degree in Advance Mathematics #smh

‏@Obaki_Kibaki: Msichana akienda kama amevaa pants za animal print, anapewa certificate in tourism

@arteta2giroud: #OnlyInNairobiAviation if you can open a window you get a degree in Mechanical Engineering

@williamrandy1: #OnlyInNairobiAviation rnWasee wa Electrical Engineering wakifanya attachment rn#certificatesofdoom

@gregbasil: #OnlyInNairobiAviation ukisema unatoka rongai unapewa degree tourism management

‏@masaku_: The moment you realize that the pilot is from Nairobi Aviation

@GChemuna: Dame wa Nairobi Aviation akifriendzone machali wengi anapata masters in human relations

@joluorochuodho: Vile exam hujibiwa Nairobi Aviation Heheee

@Bosscaleb: Nairobi aviation graduation is through Photoshop. Just take a selfie and look for the next available editor.

@Miss_Khaimia: Lool "@Kinara45: Practicals za Class ya Journalism Nairobi Aviation College (childrenpic)

@KileleRop: You just know how to put your phone on flight mode and get a certificate on flight engineering from Nairobi Aviation..#certificatesofdoom

@linclowena: Only at Nairobi Aviation where ukiumwa na tumbo na uanze kuendesha, unapewa Driving License

@Sesmoyd: Ukipita karibu na Nairobi Aviation simu yako ikiwa on flight mode unapewa certificate

‏@majid_abduul: Practicals za Nairobi Aviation College

@alexgatema: So if i treat dame wa nairobi aviation, i get a degree in medicine?

@ningangi: Mluhya akipitia nje ya Nairobi Aviation na thermos ya chai anapewa certificate ya Itea #CertificateOfDoom

‏@jon_koh: When it finally hits students wa Nairobi Aviation walikuwa wanategea kugraduate this year #CertificatesOfDoom