An unhappy broke man.

Should men borrow money from their girlfriends? Ladies, would you think less of him if he was running a bit low on finances and came to you for a helping hand? Call me old-fashioned, but I like the role of the man as a provider.

Most women instinctively want a man who will provide for them and borrowing money from them will not give that impression.

I totally understand that we could all find ourselves in a tight spot and in need of help, but I would not encourage any man to go there unless he has no other alternative.

If you are in a bind and considering to seek help from a certain lady friend, don’t! Making yourself look vulnerable in front of a woman is not the way to score points with her.

Regardless of whether your girlfriend is rolling in dough and throwing a few thousands your way will not hurt her bank account, I find it in bad taste for a man to borrow money from his girlfriend and actually any member of the opposite sex for that matter.

I have no problem with men who borrow money from women.

What irks me is the ease with which this is done. Borrowing money from women has become a norm. What is happening to the male pride? Previously, asking help from a woman had a certain emasculating effect on men.

It was a bruise on the infamous male ego when a man had to stoop that low.

Nowadays, such a man is an endangered species. Much to the disgust of many women, quite a number of men will pocket a woman’s cash and not feel bothered even in the slightest.

Some boyfriends have made the ladies in their lives the go-to people when they hit a financial snag. Some of these men even have the nerve to brag about how their women ‘sort them out’ when times are tough.

I miss the good old days when a man’s identity was tied to his ability to provide for his women. Men had no choice but to step up to the plate. It was unthinkable for a man to even consider a woman’s help.

Even when the woman noticed that the man was struggling a bit and offered to help, he would tell her to mind her own business. He is a man. He got it! Where is that attitude?

If you find yourself in a financial jam and you have to ask your girlfriend to bail you out, at least act like it was a very hard decision for you to go to her for help. Act a little embarrassed even.

Promise to pay her back with interest and definitely keep your word. So, are men allowed to borrow money? Yes, from a bank! Guys, it is time to put your manhood in check!