Crying to get your way with a man is ridiculously simple and efficient [Photo: Shutterstock]

Ladies, are you even doing relationships rights if you have never turned on the waterworks to manipulate a man into doing what you want? A woman dissolving in tears is often perceived as weak and vulnerable but that is when she is most powerful.  The most effective weapon in a woman’s arsenal is her tears. Use it correctly and you can get a man to do damn near anything you want.

I’ll be the first one to admit that I am not above bursting into tears to get a man to do my bidding in a relationship. I am something of an expert at it too. I can cry on cue. My exes would be shocked to learn that some of my most heart-rending sobs were nothing but an act. I can put up an Oscar-worthy performance when the situation calls for it. Some call it manipulation. I call it subtle persuasion.

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There is nothing quite like an onslaught of sobs and tears to get a man into an acquiescent mood. Most women’s go-to strategy for making men do what they want is to nag. I learnt a long time ago that nagging and badgering doesn’t get you anywhere with a man. First of all, nagging has such a negative connotation. No matter how reasonable your request is or how justified your nagging is, nobody likes a nag.

Secondly, verbal barrage will only make a man clam up. Some women erroneously believe that henpecking a man will wear him down to the point where he will gladly do whatever is being asked just to make it stop. Take it from me, it rarely works and if it does, he is going to resent you for it. So, why waste your time and energy nagging and bugging a man when you can just boohoo your way out of any situation? Crying to get your way with a man is ridiculously simple and efficient.

A weeping woman is undoubtedly a man’s worst nightmare. Being in a room with a crying woman is the most awkward and uncomfortable situation a man can be in. When the snivelling damsel is a beautiful woman that he cares for, that awkwardness and discomfort is magnified tenfold. A crying woman makes a man so uncomfortable that he would agree to anything just to make it stop. Men don’t understand emotional breakdowns.

Men do cry but their reasons for crying are usually pretty straightforward. Men cry when they are bereaved, when they are heartbroken and they occasional get misty-eyed when their favourite football team losses a playoff game. Women, on the hand, cry because of more complex, emotional reasons. When a woman is having an emotional breakdown, the man is navigating uncharted waters and is at a loss on what to do. The only thing he can do is give in to whatever she wants to make her stop crying. It works like a charm.

While this tactic is simple and effective, you should be careful not to use it too many times because he might catch on to your ruse. You should only use it when you are most desperate and don’t see another way out. Now, some people may think that it is unethical to play off of a man’s instincts like that to get something from him and to that, I say,” so what?’.

Men have always had the upper hand in relationships. More often than not, they call the shots. They get away with treating up poorly because they feel superior and entitled. The way I see it, we are just trying to level the playing field a little by using this trick to get our way once in a while. And in any case, it is not like we employ this tactic for nefarious ends.

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Like I pointed out before, some of the things we want the man to do are perfectly reasonable requests that they would never do unless sufficiently motivated. For instance, if he is slacking off in the romance department and you want him to put in a little effort, you can turn on the waterworks to get him to step up to the plate.

For some women, it can be difficult to cry on command so I am going to give you some pointers to help you if you want to try this trick and are afraid your emotional act won’t be convincing. You can try thinking back to a past event that bad you cry or try creating an imaginary situation in your mind that would make you cry. Practice this and once you learn to cry on command, you will have any man you want at your beck and call.