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Some of the most adulterous men I know are the most committed family men. It's baffling. An adulterous wife is always determined to prove a point. Hence, if your woman has ever cheated on you, even emotionally, you should be worried. Few ever change.

1. Creating fake Facebook accounts and seducing spouse

Husbands and wives have been known to create alternative Facebook accounts and attempting to seduce their spouses. The hubby who dives headlong into a sexual invite will find himself at the receiving end of a fuming wife. Baba mtu has also been known to follow online activities of wifey, looking for that man who is liking all her photos and commenting on every post.

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2. Having the son  accompany hubby to bar

This acts as a deterrent and should the man stupidly touch a woman inappropriately, or chat with other women, the son could take notes, and bribery from dear mother will get him singing like a canary.

3. Provoking the female neighbour

If the wife suspects her man is cheating on her with the neighbour, she could start ‘beefing’ with the neighbour. The intention is to needle the neighbour with allegations of poor performance in bed and that she is a player in the hope that the angry neighbour will hit back and reveal how she’s been warming the bed for the accuser’s husband. This is likely to be a common tale in densely populated high-rise apartments or in what is known as Plot 10s.

4. Sniffing tests

Some wives can go to the extreme of subjecting their husbands to random ‘smelling tests’ to establish whether ‘Johnny’ has been ‘checking oil levels’ in other ‘engines.’

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5. Trademarking the tool

Some wives distrust their husbands so much, they have signed on their tools and will check in the evening if the signature has been tampered with! That a man can agree to such demands is a real wonder.