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Lots of mums-to-be choose to limit their caffeine consumption while pregnant - which means cutting down on coffee. This can be tough because growing a little one inside you can be absolutely exhausting, so lots of pregnant women could really do with that pick-me-up. The good news is; research suggests drinking coffee while pregnant doesn't actually impact kids' IQ or behaviour growing up.

Advice from the NHS is that expectant mums should watch how much coffee, teas, and any other caffeine containing drinks they consume because it can increase heart rate - which isn't good. But research shows that drinking coffee in moderation is OK in that it doesn't harm the baby's intelligence of behaviour - you just need to watch it if it makes you feel bad.

Researchers from the Nationwide Children’s Hospital in Columbus, Ohio, said that drinking coffee while pregnant does not affect the child’s intelligence quotient (IQ), nor their behavior when growing up, Smart Parenting reported in 2015.

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They did this by comparing the levels of paraxanthine (a compound which breaks down coffee) in the blood of 2,197 pregnant women at two points in their pregnancy, and compared it to the IQ and behaviour of the women’s kids and found no correlation.

"These results provide at least some reassurance that caffeine, at the amounts that most people would be drinking, is not likely to have an important impact on the development of their children," said Mark A. Klebanoff, M.D., faculty member at the university.

So good news for women who enjoy a cup of coffee in the morning - as research shows it won't impact your child's development. Moderation is key though, as this doesn't mean it's best for your health or your baby's to guzzle countless cups of coffee throughout the day. Everybody is different and staying healthy during pregnancy is so important - you have to figure out what works best for you.

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