Never use boiling water to make a cup of tea. (Courtesy)

Although the amount of milk and sugar varies from person to person, we all tend to follow the same method, one which is explained by Yorkshire Tea, with boiling the water and prepping your mug with a tea bag being the first steps.

When the water is hot enough, pour it into your mug and wait patiently for it to brew - four to five minutes. Gently squidge the tea bag against the side of the mug and add as much milk and sugar as you please.

But according to Martin Isark, a professional food and drink taster, we've all be doing it wrong - including the tea connoisseurs. Martin says that you should never use boiling water to make a traditional brew because it will make it taste 'no better than cabbage water.' Instead, he says you should let the water cool down to 80 degrees.

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He explained to Daily Mail that boiling water was originally used when it was necessary to make sure that the water was safe to drink. He said: "It's time to debunk the myth that you should use boiling water.

"Having the water too hot will kill the desirable nuances of tea and all you are left with is a strong flavour of dry, astringent tannins. Overboiling your water and dunking teabags too long leaves tea tasting no better than cabbage water."

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But he does agree with Yorkshire Tea that milk and sugar should be added last. If anyone can learn something from Mark's helpful tip its Michelle, an American woman who traumatised Brits for how she made a cup of tea.