How to make a gut ask you out. (Photo/Courtesy)

There's this guy you've seen probably at work or school, who makes your heart melt every time he passes by. You've thought about dating him; build castles in the air of how many kids you want to have but, he barely notices you. You can't make someone fall in love with you, but there are several things you can do to make a guy want to ask you out or date you. 

Be yourself

Do not change who you are to please a man, and since no one likes deception, being yourself will make a man want to know you more. Do not pretend to like football when you don't. The best way to get a man to take you out is by being you. It also saves both of you the time to know if you are right for each other.

Always smile

Nothing makes a woman prettier than smiling. Remember to smile every time you bump into him. Smiling shows that you are confident in yourself and comfortable in your own skin. A smile is one of the most powerful weapons to make a man's heart melt.

Smiling make you more pretty. (Photo/Courtesy)

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Be clear with what you want

Women are known to be indecisive, even in small matters. When it comes to dating, it might be quite hard to understand what your crush is thinking and so instead of sending him mixed signals of what you want, be clear to him about it.

A couple on a date. (Photo/Courtesy)

Take the first step

If you like a guy and want his attention, do not wait for him to make the first move. Take up the initiative to show him that you are interested. The next time you meet him, flash a smile and say hi. Sometimes you will lose out a chance at a good relationship because you chose not to make the first move.

Be approachable

Being approachable does not necessarily mean that you throw yourself at him, but rather, be in a position that he will not feel uncomfortable to ask so out. For instance, it can be hard for a man to ask you out when you are always in your group of friends.

A couple dating. (Photo/Courtesy)

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Don't get friend-zoned

You have probably become friends and even hang out, but that doesn't mean you are in a relationship. Letting him friend-zone you only means you sent the wrong signals, and the chances of him asking you out are minimal.

Do not tell him everything about you

Keep the mystery about yourself and let him get to know about you at his own pace. Listening to him more rather than talking gives you a higher chance of getting that date. Try to understand what kind of a man he is before you agree to go out with him.