With most of us used to salon dates and barber's taperedcuts, this pandemic has got us figuring what to do next with our natural hair.I can tell some of you have been wearing the last style they had longer thanthey ever did. Reason? No idea what to do next with their natural hair.

Take this quarantine period as an opportunity to tend, know,and bond with your natural hair. Yes, I said to bond with it. I mean bonds makeeverything easier, and so much fun, you'll eventually love and embrace yournatural hair.

<p><b>Take this quarantine period as an opportunity to tend, know, and bond with your natural hair. </b></p><p><b>Yes, I said to bond with it. I mean bonds make everything easier, and so much fun, you'll eventually love and embrace your natural hair.</b></p>

I know you haven't been a naturalista for some reason, andchecking out info from blogs and YouTube can be overwhelming. That's why I amsharing the important stuff only.

Tools and products to have

You will need shampoo to wash your hair, deep conditioner,and for this, I recommend repairing and reconstructing conditioner as well as amoisturizing conditioner without forgetting a moisture boost and hydratingleave-in conditioner. Purchase oils too, and for oils, I recommend coconut oil,olive oil, castor oil, tea tree oil, and jojoba oil. For tools, get a spraybottle, wide-tooth comb, shower cap, hair clips, and I am sure you own a lot ofbands, and Bobby pins because they mysteriously disappear.

Hair regimen and routine.

Just like you have a morning workout routine, you will needa hair routine, which is pretty simple. Hair regimen consists of wash dayprocedure; 

pre-poo/pre-shampoo, this is the first wash day stepwhere you prep your hair for wash day by applying an oil or instant conditionerbefore wash day. I apply the night before wash day because it helps indetangling my hair and keeps my hair soft after wash day and doesn't strip myhair of natural oils.

Detangling and cleansing- detangle gently withyour fingers, don't snap off the tangles and knots on hair. After you detangle,section your hair, hold it in with clips and watch each section a time.

Deep condition-apply deep condition from the roots,which are the oldest parts of the hair to the tips, wear a shower cap, and letthe nutrients get into the hair strands.

Stretch and air dry- stretch your hair bywearing braids(matuta)and let it air dry, we have all the time for that. If youhave to step out, you can use minimal heat to stretch your hair.

Protective styling

I know what you are thinking. You can wear a protectivestyle without visiting your favorite hairdresser or having additional braids orextensions. During this quarantine period, learn to wear protective styles withyour natural hair only and trust me they are easy to learn and master. Theprotective styles you ought to try are; two or three-strand twists, braids,cornrows, flat twists, Bantu knots, tuck, and pin.

Scalp massages.

Scalp massages are not only meant to feel good and relaxing,but they also stimulate growth. Personally, I massage my scalp at least twiceor thrice a week using castor oil since it stimulates growth. Use an applicatorbottle to apply oil on your scalp, and if you don't have just chill and useyour fingers by dipping your finger balls in the oil and massage your scalp andif you are losing or have lost your edges, massages will definitely regrowthem.

Moisturize! Moisturize! Moisturize!

Your hair isn't hard like steel wool hard; you just haven'tfigured how to moisturize. Dry hair is prone to breakage, so moisturizing isessential to retain length and have our hair lush, flourishing, and shiny.

Moisturize with water, add more moisture with your leave-inconditioner and seal with your favorite oil or butter. You can also use yourspray bottle to moisturize by putting your moisturizing ingredients in it andjust spritz on your hair and seal in the moisture with oil or butter.

Night protective routine.

Drop that pair of stockings that you've been using for thelongest time and get your hair satin or silk scarf, bonnet, or pillowcases toprotect your hair while sleeping. Don't hold the scarf too tight and avoidcotton scarves; they absorb moisture from your hair, drying it out.

All said, it's up to you to get it done. Embrace and showlove to your natural hair and surprise them after this partial lockdown.