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Men are right to be sceptical about the male friends their wives or girlfriends keep. A lot of women are carrying on emotional affairs under the guise of platonic friendships and what’s worse, they may not even realise they are having emotional affairs.

As it turns out, there is a very thin line between these seemingly benign friendships and emotional affairs.

There are things you may do involving your platonic male friend that you might think are harmless, but actually, entail crossing the line into emotional affair territory. Here are a few signs that you are having an emotional affair:

You dress up to impress your male friend: I had a co-worker who became very close to one of our male co-workers.

She insisted that the relationship was strictly platonic because she had a boyfriend. However, one time, the male co-worker told her that she looked really good in skirts as opposed to pants, which she usually wore to work. I realised that from then on, she wore skirts much more often in a bid to impress him.

She may not have realised it, but she was neck-deep in an emotional affair...