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Some say travel is among the few indulgences you pay for that makes you rich. Most people who have travelled the world will tell you so.

They also don’t mind paying heavily for their siblings to get the same experience. The First World has exchange programmes for students who pay heavily to visit the Third World as they can’t replicate the experience in their countries.

One gets the same feeling by travelling to different counties in Kenya, learning from the different cultures. The same goes with the exposure one gets sampling menus in different restaurants. You gain confidence, ordering variegated menus.   

 For example, most people have never gone to a proper restaurant and think fast food joints are a great date. So, when they post pictures of plates full of chips to their social media timelines, just understand we all start from somewhere; from chips and sausage.

Today, I want to advice the Girl Child or Boy Child to travel, see the world. Google maps can help.   

 I recently read an online post by one Kel with a picture of her being held by an odiero. She piped: “I am kissing and touching a white man at the age of 18, you are there struggling with black guys/ girls… please be wise time wait for nobody stingy broke guys…fools”.

 I have never had such a laugh for a long time. Even the background of the picture indicated rental houses in the area won’t exceed more than Sh10k.

 My senior friend often asks these women why these odieros can’t rent them pads in upmarket estates, if they have really ‘arrived.’ 

Why do we all have this perception that all odieros and West Africans are rich?

I won’t blame the current generation, even our generation had similar attitude until we travelled. Kenyan women hardly understand that most foreigners have a culture of not spending without a plan. They travel here after saving money earned working in bakeries for years.   

I know of a woman who was dating a foreigner who could afford to rent a high end rental in Kenya. He was working as an expatriate so all the favorable conditions prevailed. But when she visited the guy in Europe she returned shell shocked: the dude was living in a container!

I visited Europe with a friend last year. It was his first time out of Kenya. He was shocked when an Uber driver turned out to be his guka’s age!   

The Y generation should know it is not rosy out there. There are homeless people in the First World where others go without food. They work harder than us and this attitude of being lazy and thinking by having a relationship with a foreigner will make you have a comfortable life is just a mirage.

Parents please sacrifice and make your kids travel at a young age so that they can see the real world. This will make them stop sending crazy posts and wrong attitude towards fellow citizens. Also remember the foreigners will only respect you if you also work hard and have your own money.

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