Assa Nyakundi [Photo: Courtesy]

Renowned city lawyer Assa Nyakundi denied wilfully shooting his son, but detectives are poking holes in his version of events that led to the recent death of Joseph Nyakundi outside their home in Muthaiga North, Nairobi.  

Assa, 60, told police he accidentally shot Joseph in the chest in his car moments after they left ICC church along Mombasa Road. His 29-year-old son was an alumnus of USIU, where he studied commerce.

Though Nairobi County Criminal Investigations Officer (CCIO) Bernard Nyakakwa declined to comment on the matter, multiple sources indicated that prior to the incident, Assa and Joseph had quarreled after the seasoned lawyer expressed displeasure at his son’s improper social life and disinterest in education.

According to those who know him, the lawyer wished his son to further his education, but Joseph was not interested.

Assa has since been hospitalised over rising blood pressure after the incident and those who visited him say he is distraught.

“Neighbours say they did no hear any gunshot. We have checked the IC3 cameras and they don’t seem to have captured movements of the car as claimed by the lawyer and that is why we want to talk to him,” said an officer privy to the case.

His other son, Noah Onsomu, in a social media post, which has since been pulled down, had indicated his brother was murdered.  

When The Nairobian sought Noah to comment on the post, he avoided the matter saying: “I can’t talk about that post right now, I am focusing on the burial of my brother.”

At the rural Ngoso home of the lawyer in Ngoso village of Kitutu Chache North sub-county of Kisii, we met Nyakundi’s last born sister Ruth Nyakundi and his workers when we visited the compound.

Ruth was initially apprehensive, saying she did not trust journalists since they liked “concocting lies and misrepresenting facts.”

“I have absolutely nothing to tell you over the death of my nephew Joseph and the arrest of my brother Assa. I am in the dark just like you. I do not want you to take any photos, I don’t want to be recorded and I have nothing to tell you,” said Ruth.

She said Joseph was the last born and was his dad’s favourite among the five children. Ruth indicated that she last saw her nephew alive in November when they attended a memorial service for his maternal grandmother in Western Kenya.

“We are yet to understand what happened and led to the death of Joseph, who together with his father Assa, had just come home from church. The two were very close and lived in the same house,” said Ruth.

She said death has again robbed the family of a relative, following the cold blood murder of their father, Pastor Michael Nyakundi by unknown people seven years ago. She added that her mother, Sarah, never recovered after the death of their father.

She developed health complications and passed on two years ago.

“Our home has never been the same since the demise of our father seven years ago and our mother two years ago, my siblings have acquired land elsewhere where they reside with their families,” mourned Ruth.