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My friends and I had a good laugh when a girl we met told us about her experience with a guy who tried hitting it raw. She had only met him a week earlier and they had been out on two dates. On the second date, one thing led to another and they found themselves back at his place about to get it on. He was about to mount her without gloving up, and so she stopped him dead in his tracks and asked him to put on a condom. He told her that he couldn’t wear a condom because he doesn’t get it up when he has a condom on.

She was besides herself with laughter as she told us how quickly he got it up when she told him it was either condom sex or no sex at all. Such a creep! Later, he told her that he didn’t want to use a condom because it decreases the pleasure for him. It really got me thinking. It is not the first time I have heard someone claiming that condoms reduce pleasure. So, do condoms really reduce sexual pleasure or is it just a ploy by the menfolk to try and hit it raw?

I have always thought that it is just a bunch of baloney, but a lot of men will swear on their mamas’ graves that condoms are a killjoy. I had a lady friend once tell me that she doesn’t like condoms because ‘it feels much better without’. And you know what, maybe it really does. I think it depends on individuals. However, I sincerely don’t think that reduced sensitivity is enough reason to ditch the rubber altogether. So, what if it reduces pleasure? Is a little increased sensitivity worth your life?

It is a fact that even with a condom and its reduced sensitivity, you will still be able to get it up, have sex and reach orgasm. Some men complain that it takes them longer to reach orgasm with a condom. Again, I ask, so what? Is the fact that sensitivity is compromised by wearing a condom worth the risk of contracting HIV or impregnating a girl? And besides, if you knew what we ladies think of all you two-minute men, you would be grateful that it takes a bit longer to peak. Unless you are really dumb and clueless and think with your penis, you can see that it is not worth the risk.

I don’t understand why women would choose to have unprotected sex, claiming ‘it feels better’. Maybe it feels a little bit more intimate, but it sure as hell isn’t affecting your ability to reach orgasm. If we are all very honest with ourselves, we would admit that nine times out of 10, penetration does nothing for us. We achieve orgasm by clitoral stimulation and therefore condoms don’t limit your capacity to achieve it.

You children of this generation, quit playing and glove up! If you insist on having raw sex, you and your partner should get tested and you should commit to be exclusive to one another.

- @roxannekenya