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Long before the Internet, relationships were strategic. You didn’t just open your Facebook account and fell in love with a light-skinned guy standing next to a Mercedes, or a lady with a big booty.

It was all about extensive research on who the individual is and their family in general. Did his masculine looks mean he could fend for his family? Does his father own lots of cattle? Is their family a respected one in the community? And when it came to women, men strove to find out if their reputations were untainted.

Does she have naturally birthing hips? Is she polite and hardworking? All these were crucial because relationships and marriage were about solid partnership. Love came along the way as the marriage progressed. And sex was greatly respected - both the dude and the chick were certified virgins.

But nowadays, strangers meet, “fall in love” and they are only a plate of chips and two glasses of wine away from hitting the sack. Love is the lie sold to desperate women to provide a foundation for pointless sex.

So rampant is sex among strangers that people no longer need the guise of darkness or comfort of a bed to get banging for the first time. It’s happening everywhere.

Social media has turned out to be a hooking platform where strangers meet and before you know it, they will be all over each other in cheap motels, bent over kitchen sinks and office desks, having a go at it aimlessly without a care in the world. All in the name of “love”.

Thereafter, the woman tries to make a sorry attempt at a a relationship, but it ends in woeful cries of “he used me!” How women manage to “fall in love” with multiple guys every year still beats me.

The end result is an army of women as young as 21 who have swallowed a cocktail of ejaculation enough to alter their DNA, and have treated so many venereal diseases that the doctors know them by their names.

But hey, what can people do, since they do not have the resources or time to send elders to run some background check on all the multiple flings they get involved in? Maybe society should tackle this issue differently.

Given the short time between courtship and sex, it’s high time we passed a rule that forces people to come with letters of recommendation from their exes for every new relationship. I can bet it’s tiring to guess and feel your way around then have those “oops!” moments during sex that kill the mood.

Would it be so bad if women knew what their partners came with into the bedroom prior to hooking up? Before people helplessly fall in love, they should receive a dossier of all the sexual fetishes, abilities and level of experience of their potential partners.

Is he a good kisser? Is his behind ashy? Does he have pubic lice? Is he a foreplay enthusiast? How often does he like it?  That way you can gauge if indeed you can put up with them before committing yourself.

This would save you a lot of trouble. For example, there will be no need to catch feelings when you already know that the guy suffers from premature ejaculation.

Or that he can’t get it up when his team loses. Or that he is a screamer when he is about to burst the dam. Wouldn’t it be awesome to know beforehand that the guy you like cannot go down on you because his mouth is sacred, or he likes to be licked in questionable places? That way, it’ll be an easy hi and bye, see you never.

If only, women had that crucial information...sigh!