The festive season is here with us and majority, if not all, have already made plans to travel. Some will be travelling to the countryside to spend the Christmas Holiday with their parents and grandparents. Some will be travelling to their favorite holiday destination to celebrate Christmas in exotic resorts and sandy beaches. Because of the rush, one is likely to forget some items while packing. This might cause a lot of inconvenience and even spoil the mood for celebration.

So before you jump on that motorbike. Before you board that bus or train. Before you check in at the airport, make sure you double check and confirm that these eight essential items are in your back.

<p><b>The festive season is here with us and majority, if not all, have already made plans to travel</b></p><p><b>Some will be travelling to the countryside to spend the Christmas Holidays with their parents and grandparents</b></p>

1. Phone

Forgetting your phone can cause you a lot of headache. In fact, you will feel naked. You will feel as if you are holed up inside a tiny cell. Phones have become part and parcel of us. We use our phones to call, text and chat online. Also, we use our phones to locate directions, read the weather and listen to music/ watch videos. With the invention of mobile banking and M-pesa, we use our phones to withdraw cash from the bank and to make payments.

2. Identification card

Another essential item that you must not forget to carry with you is your identification card. It will make withdrawing money from bank (over the counter) and from M-pesa outlets easy for you. You will also need it to gain access to night clubs and casinos. Having your ID with you will save you from trouble when you bump into rogue law enforcers.

3. Wallet

Carry your wallet. A wallet will help you when you want to organize your cards (ATM card, ID card, NHIF card, Business Cards et cetera) and money into one place. You never know what might happen. You might get an accident (God forbid) and your NHIF card will come in handy and save you a lot of expenses. Just because you are enjoying sunbathing at the beach does not mean that you will not meet some potential business partners or clients. In such cases, having your business cards will save the day.

4. Towel

It is true. Hotels and resorts provide clean towels to customers. But this should not deter you from arming yourself with your own towel. You might be travelling to the countryside assuming you left a towel there only to reach and find none. To avoid getting into unnecessary expenses, just pack your towel and travel with it. Remember you also need to save some little cash to jump start your new year.

5. Tissue paper

This item might appear so insignificant but wait until you are pressed and the bus is in the middle of God Knows where. You will regret that journey. Some drivers are usually considerate enough to make a stop along the way for passengers to relieve themselves. But what will that help you if you lack a tissue paper?

6. Bible

Among the books you pack, remember to include the holy book as well. Whether you will read it along the way or when you reach your destination, the fact remains that reading the Bible is always a good thing. By reading the Bible, you hear the word of God. When you hear the word of God, you develop faith. With faith, you can move mountains.

7. Cash

Carrying cash appears like an obvious thing but many people shun it because of the rise of paperless money. Truth be told. Our paperless money transactions are not 100% seamless or efficient. There are cases of network problems and delays. Even Bank automated teller machines do fail because of one problem or another. Not to mention unfortunate cases where one’s phones and ATM cards are stolen. To cushion yourself from such adversaries, arm yourself with some cash.

8. P for Protection

This one goes to the youths who are not yet married. We live in dangerous times. For your own safety during this festive season, please carry some condoms. If you are a lady, hide some contraceptives inside your handbag. You never know. They might save your life out of that compromising situation. You do not want to start the New year with strange diseases eating your cells. You do not want to start the new with pregnancies you did not plan for.


Dear Kenyans,

As you travel, remember to stay 'woke' on the road.

Journey mercies and have a fun-filled holiday.