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Why men should only go for ladies that they can afford


"These girls are just after money, true love died with Shakespeare." That is a 'song' that I have heard on repeat so many times. Gentlemen have refused to step up and act like one, whilst ladies are incessantly accused of digging into the men's pocket in disguise of being in love.

Traditionally speaking, if a woman wasn't able to cook, do house chores or take good care of the man, she was in the black book of not being a wife material. On the other flip, the men had one paramount duty, to provide.

In the modern world, if your woman doesn't own a 'heavy behind' and a relatively 'gigantic bonnet', then she is not fit to be called your woman. On the other flip, once again, the core duty of the man is to provide.

Men have buried the sense of true love in the excuse that women nowadays love materialistic things and that they are not ready to reciprocate the love. Which is not true, it's just that men tend to greed over what they cannot afford to maintain. 

Every lady needs to be maintained, every lady want to be taken care of. Love without the outdoor exposure is as boring as travelling in a city hoppa. Love requests the men to care for the lady, buy her stuff and spend all your money on her. 

However, research asserts that if a lady loves you, she will hardly ask for money or anything materialistic from you. She will only yearn for your love, time and attention. That lady who asks for Taxi fare, lunch money, salon money and sometimes rent, all the time, believe me you, bro, if you didn't put a ring on it, then she just loves your money, not you!

Men are visual beings. Sometimes they just fall in love because of what they see, not knowing that what they are staring at needs to me maintained. Even that broke guy in your neighborhood wants a good looking damsel for himself. The ladies don't understand the struggle anyway. She will want the fun of it anyway, who doesn't love dates and outs after all? Who?

After all the bliss and glamour, dates and outs, spending and blowing some more (of which they weren't forced to do so, at least not to that extend) men will now come to their senses after their pockets have run dry. And that's when they start singing the song again, "these girls are just after money!" 

Real men go for ladies who they can afford. Ladies who they can maintain and not regret later. 

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