Pinky Ghelani [Photo: Elvis Ogina]

Former radio host and beauty queen Pinky Ghelani spoke to the Nairobian and shared nuggets from her illustrious career.


Pinky Ghelani 


Media personality and public speaker.


Now, now... we never ask a woman that. 

Education Background:

Business degree

I have 25 years media experience including presenting, producing, editing, writing, on stage and event management. 
Any Awards/Recognitions :

 Best radio presenter, Miss India Kenya and Most stylish personality. 
First Job/Salary?

My first job was at Copy Cat Kenya. My salary was Sh800.
Best Job/Worst job? 

I think all my jobs taught me and moulded me
Worst Mistake ever made?

I have no regrets so far.
Any missed opportunity? 

I think whatever is mine comes to me in way of business so if I missed it, it wasn’t for me.
What is that one thing you can’t give away?

Respect toward a person once I have lost it for them 
What is your most embarrassing moment?

Oh, there are plenty, not just one.

Tell us about that one thing you regret.

Like I said, I regret nothing. I find it such a waste of time and energy. 
Best advice ever received? 

Actually 2 pieces of advice:

1. Be in the moment
2. Life goes on