Zawadi Achieng Oloo [James Omoro]

A chief has denied allegations from a widow who has accused him of harassing her after she turned down his marriage proposal.

Zawadi Achieng Oloo (pictured), 29, claims that South Karungu location chief, James Oloo, has been frustrating her. She has since moved out of her matrimonial home to avoid the frustrations. 

The mother of three from Nyatike sub-county in Migori told The Nairobian that Oloo, who is her brother-in-law, has been using his position to frustrate her. Zawadi’s husband Johanes Oloo died in 2012 and a year later, the chief offered to inherit her, but she declined since he is too old for her.

“He wanted to live with me as husband and wife. I don’t want to get married to an old man. He told me to leave the home or else I would face an unprecedented harm if I continued staying there. I had to move out and rent a house in Homa Bay town, where I currently live with my three children,” she said.

She added that “He took my motorbike and sold my bull claiming he is the one who paid for my husband’s school fee. The drama started when he learnt I was seeing another man. My brother-in-law does not want me to fall in love with any man from outside Nyatike sub-county. He had told me to get a man from either Karungu or Kadem clans,” she said.

Zawadi has sought help from various offices but the issue has not been solved.

In September 2017, she secured a letter from Nyatike Deputy County Commissioner. The DCC directed the Assistant County Commissioner of Karungu Division to solve the matter.

“The lady would like to go back to her matrimonial home. She accuses her chief of frustrating her. Solve the matter and get back to me,” the letter read part. The Nairobian has a copy of the letter from the DCC.

On January 8 this year, she reported the matter at FIDA offices in Kisumu. In a letter written by FIDA client officer Liliane Jumba, the organisation requested Nyatike OCS to take action on the matter.

But speaking to The Nairobian, Oloo denied the allegations, claiming that Zawadi was tainting his name. He said that his culture does not allow him to inherit his younger brother’s wife.

“I am 59 years old with only one year to retire from the civil service. I have no intentions of inheriting my younger brother’s wife. Everything she said against me is false,” claimed Oloo.

He accused Zawadi of spending her husband’s pension on lovers.

 “I did not take any of her property. I only offered her advice on how she could handle her late husband’s pension but she refused to heed my advice,” he said.