Mama Oliech and Elsie [Photo: Courtesy]

On July 19, 2018, the late Mama Mary Auma, popularly known as Mama Oliech, made an unusual phone call to her son Kevin Oliech, who is based in Germany.

According to her daughter Elsie Oliech, the call was out of the ordinary as she gave Kevin instructions on certain family properties.

“It is unusual for her to call Kevin. But on that day, she actually loaded airtime on her phone and talked to him for so long.

The discussion was centred on family property. Kevin was quite perplexed. The following day, she was dead. It was as if she was saying goodbye,” says Elsie.

Mama Oliech’s medical condition deteriorated on the morning of July 20. 

 “The workers called to inform us that she was feeling unwell that morning. When we enquired whether it required her to be taken to hospital, we were told she had refused to see a doctor. So, we thought it was nothing serious, given she had spent the previous day at her restaurant. But by 4pm she had left us,” she adds emotionally.

Elsie remembers her mother as a hard-working and generous person.