1) A stingy man's ideal date is at your home. Where you can catch a movie, you will prepare tea for him with lots of your popcorn. He does this so that he doesn't pay for a movie ticket or buy you coffee.

2) When his girlfriend or wife asks for some cash, he takes 88 earth years to give them or decline to give the cash. It doesn't matter whether he has the money or not, he is just stingy.

<ul><li><b>Stingy men are known to be hard to let go a coin off their pocket, they do everything possible t o have avery coin they earn spent just by themselves.</b></li><li><b>Check on the their survival tactics.</b></li></ul>

3) Even at gunpoint, he can never buy drinks for his buddies. He is the one bought everything for every time.

4) Stingy men like shopping at the local kiosk. He argues that everything that is in the supermarket is at the duka opposite the house. He is just afraid that his woman can do impulse buying.

5) His clothes and everything about him smells of cheapness. He prefers to hoard money that does not even spend on himself or his woman.

6) Whether it's end month or he has just picked a billion dollars, he can never take a matatu, let alone a taxi. He insists it's a waste of money. It doesn't matter whether it's necessary or not, he just doesn't do cabs.

7) He also prefers long walks as a way of bonding with his loved one. He insists that it's good to see nature in its goodness than to spend time in noisy clubs or crowded places.

8) He never gives his folks money. He never supports his siblings. He insists that he needs to develop himself. He is forever broke and lacking personal development.

9) He never contributes to a funeral or wedding committee. Relatives have complained till they have given up. Everybody is curious to have a glimpse of his money.

10) He rarely gives street children pocket change. He argues that they are not homeless.

11) When his woman asks for airtime, he can't send her Mpesa or give her a small amount of 500 Bob or 1000 Bob. He will give her the exact amount or refuse to give her cash.

12) He believes going for a holiday is a reserve for the rich. He has never thought of saving for a holiday retreat.

13) His loved ones never go out for the weekend. He says it is not necessary unless it's attending a church service.

14) He never pays debts. Everybody is wary of lending him money. He owes every friend something close to money.

15) It is very rare for his girlfriend to find some loose change in his pocket. He is very careful with every cent he has.

16) Saying "keep change" is a very alien word to him. He has never told waiters such words and he will never.

17) He likes telling his girlfriend that: "use your money then I will refund". He then forgets or keeps saying he will.

18) He has an annoying habit of splitting bills with his loved one. It is not manly.

19) When his wife is at the saloon, he suddenly gets busy. He can never give her money or promise to pass by and clear the bill. He insists that it is very wrong for a man to pay salon bills.

20) He believes that all men who are not stingy and take care of their loved ones are weak and taken for a ride.