Call them well rounded, plump, chubby, plus size but don’t call them fat women.

Many people always despise chubby ladies and undermine them based on their size and physical appearances.

<ul><li><b>There have been a lot of negative beliefs and notions about associating leave alone dating chubby women</b></li><li><b>Some people say that plump women are always perceived to be slow learners and lazy</b></li></ul>

?A lot of negative beliefs and notions about associating leave alone dating such women have been created. For instance, plump women are always perceived to be slow learners and lazy.

A study conducted by Dr. Filemon Alvarado and Dr. Edgardo Morales at the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) department of psychology, however, revealed that men who marry plump women are always happy and tend to live longer.

According to the research, plus-size women make their men smile more and this is based on the premise that well-rounded women are better at anticipating the needs of their husbands in that they make it happen even before you ask.

Plump women were also found to be full of confidence as they are able to interact and speak up their minds no matter the situation.

The study also revealed that chubby women are submissive and always positive. According to the research, most plump ladies do not show their aggression even when offended.

Contrasting the plus sized ladies to their slim counterparts, it was noted that the latter tends to be unfriendly, less expressive and so aggressive.

A sample of two men living in Nairobi and who have been married for over ten years supported the findings of the study

Mr. Griffin Omolo who married a plump lady noted that his house was full of joy and peace. He credited this to the wife who according to him is always in a good mood, understanding and open-minded.

Mr. Musyoka John who married a slim lady stated that he is always faced with unfriendliness adding that his wife always looked violent and ready to engage in a fight.

According to him, his wife is rigid and a very hard nut to crack adding that once she has settled on a given position she is not open to discussion.

He cited an incident in his house where he disagreed with the partner on the color of their sugar dish.

In view of the above findings, the research concluded that men who marry plus-size women tend to be happier in relationships for longer than those who date slim women.

The study also noted that those who end up with chubby ladies always live longer.

So dear men, do not limit your scope to only tall and slender ladies expand your horizon and try out plump size women as they have a lot to offer.

Editor’s note: this article does not aim to undermine slim women in any way but only expresses facts as indicated by the respondents in the research.