Social media has been rife with stories of Samantha, the sexy humanoid robot. It has been so tense to a point of worrying feminists. The question is; why should feminists get worried when they claim that they are free and independent. However, who should be worried about Samantha?


<p><b>News of Samantha the sex robot has hit people from all over the world</b></p><p><b>Speculations on what the robot can or cannot do are still going on</b></p><p><b>There are people who will feel threatened by what the sex robot does in their lives</b></p>

Feminists are and must be, worried because there is a fully submissive sexy and female humanoid robot. She does not argue or nag. The biggest problem with feminists is that when they push men to the wall the men have an option of ‘marrying’ Samantha. With the rise in reproductive health technologies, a man will seek the services of an egg donor, pay a surrogate mother, hire a nanny and ‘marry’ Samantha. The relevance of tooth grinding feminist is threatened for extinction.


Most self-branded slay queens are beneficiaries of sponsors. In real essence, they are selling their bodies to sponsors for upkeep and high-class life. I said most, not all. No human is perfectly beautiful but Samantha is more than those slay queens. With the experimenting nature of sponsors and their economic power, they are likely to purchase a humanoid robot which is less demanding and has great service to their needs replacing their young slaying campus girls. The only difference between a chic with a bleached skin, enhanced butts, enlarged breasts and tempered dental formula to Samantha is that the chic is fake beauty while Samantha is a real robot. Competition is on another level.


With the tongue swaying nature of sponsor’s, their wives should be worried about their near future acquisitions. Who wants to compete for affection with a robot that has no emotional needs and only serves the needs of the user? Who wants a pervert husband who is addicted to sex with a robot more beautiful and more sexually pleasurable than you? She does not even have end month mood swings.


I envisage future high-tech brothels where men pay for sex with Samantha at a fee charged per minute or per hour. This will bring great competition to brothels where humans offer services. This will be encouraged by the fact that the chances of HIV and STI infection will be close to zero if strict hygiene measures are taken. She is also more beautiful, submissive and more skilled that human sex worker.


What if the number if marriages decline due to the arrival of Samantha? How about if some members of the congregation dump their stubborn wives for Samantha? I guess the pastor will be mad preaching to a pervert congregation unless he is just interested in their pockets. I expect the church to come up in full arms to resist Samantha as per the holy doctrines. This does not apply to Christians alone but to all religions that embrace the holiness of marital unions.